Atomic Testing, Woomera, 1953

Tucker, Alan

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Atomic Testing, Woomera, 1953/Tucker, Alan/Hardb/1741692172/S029-E


Publisher: Scholastic Australia
ISBN-13: 9781741692174
Series: My Australian Story
Binding: Hardback
Year Published: 2009
When the army assigns Anthony's father to work on the topsecret atomic testing project in outback South Australia, the family relocates from Townsville to Woomera. His mother is unimpressed with outback life, but for Anthony, who has spent the past six years recovering from polio, it offers freedom and excitement. The controversial rocket and munitions testing captures Anthony's imagination. It seems like something out of a Superman comic, but is it really as safe as the government says?
ID: 181390
Code: AS00707