Bartlett and the Ice Voyage

Hirsch, Odo

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Bartlett and the Ice Voyage/Hirsch, Odo/Paper/1864488352/S037-D


Publisher: Allen & Unwin
ISBN-13: 9781864488357
Series: Bartlett
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 1998
A young queen who rules seven kingdoms is far too busy and important to leave her palace, so her loyal subjects send gifts from far and wide: monkeys, flamingoes, giraffes, exotic fruits... But the thing she longs for most of all has never survived the journey. Who can bring the Queen her heart's desire? Only Bartlett has the inventiveness, desperation and perseverance to complete the task. Does the Queen have patience enough to keep her side of the bargain?

A flamboyant adventure story, full of atmosphere, wit and suspense.
ID: 18426
Code: AD000300