Charlie Webb and the Dragonmaster's Quest

Arensen, J. B.

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Charlie Webb and the Dragonmaster's Qu/Arensen, J. B./Paper/0646464957/S038-B


Publisher: Octavian
ISBN-13: 9780646464954
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2006
It’s my birthday tomorrow and what am I doing?

I’m stuck halfway up a mountain, on my way to a city filled with Kreegers, who could kill me or feed me to a dragon… Why didn’t someone talk me out of this? You know, up until a few weeks ago, I spent my time running errands for some horrible characters at Thistlewick Academy, getting picked on by a bunch of bullies, and running for my life. Now, I’m talking to dragons, fighting Dark Sorcerers, AND I have to go and risk my neck on a Dragonmaster’s Quest so that I can find a way to save the Wizarding World.Why? It turns out that I’m the only one who holds the key to saving a world that never wanted me in the first place. Brilliant, right?

Go on, have a read. By the way, my name’s Charlie Webb!
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