Silver Brumby's Daughter

Mitchell, Elyne

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Silver Brumby's Daughter/Mitchell, Elyn/Paper/0207197377/S034-E


Publisher: Angus & Robertson
ISBN-13: 9780207197376
Series: Silver Brumby
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2000

Thowra's speed and courage have always saved him from the men who want to capture him ... but now the men come on skis, quickly and silently over the mountain range. This time, they know the legendary silver stallion has a daughter, a beautiful, highly prized, silver brumby, and the brumby hunters are determined to capture her, no matter what it takes.

Thowra must do all in his power to evade the men slipping through the mountains ... must do all in his power to protect his daughter from their ropes and imprisoning yards. Himself?

Ages 10+

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Code: HC000314