Don't Give Up on Your Dreams

Tausif, Wida

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Don't Give Up on Your Dreams/Tausif, Wida/Paper/1925332055/S060-T


Publisher: TAT Publishing
ISBN-13: 9781925332056
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2015
Mary, a beautiful young princess, wants to live an ordinary life where she has the freedom to follow her dreams. She is very talented; she has a love for music and writes her own songs and is known far and wide as one of the best singers in her town, Dreamatica.

However, her father, the King, is against her desire to be a performer and wants her to live and act like a Princess.

Though he is sure to find out, Mary defies her father and sneaks out to perform. Her popularity as a singer rises, and she must decide between her dream, and her family.
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