Gumnut Babies

Gibbs, May

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Gumnut Babies/Gibbs, May/Hardb/1460752554/S035-G


Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN-13: 9781460752555
Series: Australian Children's Classics
Binding: Hardback
Year Published: 2016

A delightful collection of some of May Gibbs's most charming 'bush babies' stories. The stories include Flannel Flowers and Other Bush Babies, Wattle Babies, Boronia Babies and Gum-Blossom Babies plus Nuttybub and Nittersing. Poor Nittersing was stolen by a Banksia Man when he was a tiny baby and now it is up to his friend Nuttybub - that brave and fearless young Nut - to rescue him, with the help of Mr Lizard. This is a deed that takes several years, so they experience many exciting adventures along the way.

The perfect gift for all those May Gibbs fans keen to add to their collection.

May Gibbs's marvellous creation - the Gumnut world, with its tiny heroes and heroines and deliciously villainous villains - has fascinated generations of children. Gumnuts at the races, at the ballet and dancing at balls are some of the scenes that have delighted us all.

Brought together here for the first time, the storybooks of May Gibbs's Gumnut babies, the adventures of Nuttybub and Nittersing, and those two inquisitive little Gumnuts, Chucklebud and Wunkydoo, will delight young and old alike.

Ages 8+

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