Spike!: The Snowboard Race

Kettle, Phil

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Spike!: The Snowboard Race/Kettle, Phil/Paper/0648555712/S014-B


Publisher: Brolly Books
ISBN-13: 9780648555711
Series: Spike, Book 3
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2019
Spike is a plucky, cocky, energetic and funny kid with an unbeatable imagination. In The Snowboard Race, he conquers steep mountains and trees and runs races with his friends, Wally and Melissa, while taking some ingenious help from his older mate Mr. Smith.

This wonderful book comes to life in the hands of young readers, encouraging them to read further and engage their own imaginations. The simple but strong storyline lead them through from start to finish, and the marvellous illustrations add further humour and fun.
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