White Commando

O'Connor, Desmond

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White Commando/O'Connor, Desm/Paper/1943278849/S009-C


Publisher: Billabong Valley Publications
ISBN-13: 9781943278848
Series: Australian Adventure Series
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2016
This is a topical story pitched at the late teen years. It has its beginning on the remote northwest coast of Australia which is beginning to be seen as important in Australian defence and security planning.

It tells the story of how anthrax, a biological weapon of mass destruction, is smuggled through Port Hedland on an innocent research vessel into the hands of a right-wing terrorist organization, The White Commndo. It is transported to Perth and is used to hold the Government to ransom to secure political objectives.

The plot is thwarted by diligent Police and military work and is played out in the hills southeast of Perth.

In addition to the elements of adventure in the story, it has a serious side. The background scientific work being carried out in our northern waters has an excitement of its own. Even the complex nature of Anthrax, a word which strikes dread into peoples’ hearts, has its own fascination.

The author Professor Des O’Connor, writes with authority and feeling after many years as an Engineer, Surveyor, Pilot and president of the Western Australia Section of the Royal Flying Doctor Service.
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